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Meet the Team 

At ALL10 Breaking Academy, our team is more than just instructors and staff- we are a tight-knit family united by our love for breaking and commitment to empowering others through dance. Join us on this exciting journey as we break barriers, bust moves, and spread the joy of breaking to all!

Rex Ford - All 10 Breaking DJ
Rex Ford

Rex makes a living as a software engineer at WR Systems. Rex got into Breakin' when he joined James Madison University Break Dance Club in 2008. Since then, Rex has gotten into DJing, Music Production, and Visual Effects. Rex lives in Northern Virginia.

Ezra Bailey - All 10 Breaking Junior Coach
Ezra Bailey
Junior Coach

Started Breakin' at the age of 8. Ezra has been Breakin' for over 9 years and is one of the Top Breakers in the DMV. He is also a member of The Lab Status Crew who travel and compete around the USA. 

Sylvana Christopher - All 10 Breaking Coach
Sylvana Christopher

Coach Sylvi is a DC dance artist. She discovered Breakin' while earning a BFA in Dance at The Ohio State University. She lives in Brookland with her husband John Lee and son Jasper Christopher.

Sydney Dobyns - All 10 Breaking Coach
Sydney Dobyns

Sydney, a Southwest Virginia bboy with 13 years of breakin’ experience, trained in California, joined Fallen Kingz Crew with Olympic breaker Bboy Morris. Known for explosive moves, he transitioned from battling to coaching, ready for the next chapter.

Raphael Villacrusis - All 10 Breaking Coach
Raphael Villacrusis

Coming soon

Chris Moise - All 10 Breaking Coach
Chris Moise

Originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut, Coach Chris relocated to Virginia in 2022. Discovering Breakin' at 10 in 1998, he's been dancing ever since. With 10+ years of coaching in various disciplines, Chris's favorite Breakin' elements are power moves, flips, freeze transitions, fostering student confidence and unique styles.

Isaac "Fawzy" Witte - All 10 Breaking Junior Coach
Isaac "Fawzy" Witte
Junior Coach

Bboy Fawzy is a DC Breaker. One of the first students at The Lab. Coach Fawzy worked his way through the Lace Curriculum and eventually became the first student to earn a black lace, spreading his knowledge with the next generation of Breakers.

Joseph Cho - All 10 Breaking Coach
Joseph Cho

Coach Joe, a seasoned dancer with 15 years of experience, co-directed the Virginia Collegiate Dance Team DOP, led team performances, and danced professionally with Bay Breaks Entertainment. Now at The Lab, he continues to empower aspiring dancers in their professional journey.

Evan "Zastrow" Sletten - All 10 Breaking Junior Coach
Evan "Zastrow" Sletten
Junior Coach

Coach Zastrow is a Takoma local who's been Breakin'  for almost a decade. After taking his first class at The Lab at seven years old, he has continued through the Lace curriculum  earning his Black Lace in 2019. Now a coach, he hopes to inspire another generation of young Breakers.

Daquan "DQ" Williams - All 10 Breaking Head Coach
Daquan "DQ" Williams
Head Coach

As a dedicated coach at The Lab DC Breakin' Academy, DQ brings eight
years of experience in inspiring the
next generation of Bboys and Bgirls.
His commitment to fostering talent and passion for breakin' has made a lasting impact on the community.

Jon Wright - All 10 Breaking Team

Jon Wright
Programming Coordinator

Coach Jon is a fun-loving and passionate coach who thrives on connecting with and inspiring his students, with the goal of helping them use Breakin' to develop a sense of confidence and love for themselves. He started Breakin' with his friends ini the hallways after school growing up, and has pursued art and self-expression in many forms ever since.

Angel Cosby - All 10 Breaking Team
Angel Cosby
Customer Service

Is a recent graduate of Northwood High School, Silver Spring, MD is now a future freshman at St. Mary's College of Maryland studying Business Management and Accounting. 

Indya Fleet - All 10 Breaking Coach
Indya Fleet
Customer Service

A former local dance artist from the DMV area. She's had the opportunity to attend a professional dance school for a few years before being excepted into her high school 4 year dance program. Indya's dance background includes modern dance, ballet, and jazz African. Today you can find Indya studying for her bachelors in science Nursing degree. 

Eugene "Happy Feet" Coleman - All 10 Breaking Coach

Eugene "Happy Feet" Coleman

MC Happy born in DC. Found Breaking at the age of 20 in Rockville Town Center. He performs and Mcs at events such as weddings and bar mitzvahs.

Antonio Castillo - All 10 Breaking Coach

Antonio Castillo

Coach T first saw Breakin' when he was 5 years old in rural Mexico. He then migrated to the USA and found it again. He has been Breakin' since 1996 and has taught thousands of kids, teens and adults to Break. He has also played a role in Breakin' becoming a sport and created the Breakin' scoring system and authored rulebook. His efforts in creating a sport have been featured on national and international media. 

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