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Breaking goes to the Olympics.

Updated: Mar 17

It's an amazing time to be involved in Breaking. When we first started The Lab Breaking Academy, now ALL10 Breaking, we started with only a few students. Soon after, we began to see steady growth and eventually began to create curriculums, scoring for battles, and some simple rules to help kids understand the battle aspect of Breaking. A few years into the academy, the concept began to grow, and we started to see some real benefits of Breaking and the impact on our youth.

Breaking has been growing steadily for many years, and within the last 10-14 years, more and more kids are Breaking. Mostly due to the fact that academies like ALL10 Breaking now teach the fundamentals of the art form and the history. By having academies, kids can learn to break in a safe and positive atmosphere.

When I started Breaking seriously back in 1996, there were no academies, we just got together outside on cardboard, at the parks, at school, or at a friend's garage. We learned to Break the hard way and without a coach.

Now, with academies like ALL10 Breaking, we've done all of the hard work and learned so much throughout the years teaching thousands of young people how to Break, so kids can learn quickly and master certain skills that took us a lot of time to learn.

Breaking's inclusion in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will motivate more kids to get into Breaking. Parents will look for an academy to enroll their children in, and kids will become part of our community and take Breaking to a new level. There hasn't been a better time for parents to enroll their kids in Breaking classes.

The Olympics will be such an amazing milestone for Breaking worldwide, and I am happy that I will be there to witness history. If you have any questions about Breaking as a sport, art, or information on how to get your kids into Breaking, reach out!

Antonio "Coach T" Castillo

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